Sawai Mansingh Stadium Facts, Stats & IPL 2024 Matches

Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA), Sawai Mansingh Stadium, SMS Stadium has witnessed several historic cricket encounters. In 1983-84, it became the venue for the first International series between Pakistan and India. Moreover, the stadium hosted matches during the 1986 and 1987 World Cups. In this comprehensive article, we will see the remarkable facts and records of Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Its importance, and contributions to the sport.

Sawai Man Singh Stadium, aka  SMS Stadium, serves as the home ground for the esteemed IPL team Rajasthan Royals (RR). Established in 1969 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, this iconic stadium holds a rich history in the realm of cricket. Located at one corner of Rambagh Circle, SMS Stadium witnessed a momentous event when it hosted the highly anticipated India VS Pakistan match. Notably, General Zia-ul-Haq, the President of Pakistan, demonstrated his commitment to fostering peace by crossing the border to watch the match on the second day of the test, promoting the initiative “Cricket for Peace.”

Sawai Mansingh Stadium

Sawai Man Singh Stadium Facts

Below you can find the interesting Sawai Man Singh Stadium facts, land area, seating capacity, and more. 

Sawai Man Singh Stadium Land Area 

Sawai Man Singh Stadium stands as a mid-range international standard stadium, renowned for hosting many important and valued ICC matches. Therefore, with its impressive capacity, the stadium can accommodate up to 30,000 spectators during a single match. 

Moreover, the boundary distance at Sawai Man Singh Stadium measures approximately 66 square meters from the leg side and 70 meters from the offside, maintaining consistency on all four sides of the field. Furthermore, this symmetrical layout adds to the strategic dynamics of the game, offering a fair and balanced playing field for both teams. 

Sawai Man Singh Stadium Seating Capacity

Sawai Man Singh Stadium has the ability to accommodate a massive crowd of cricket enthusiasts. Therefore, more than 30,000 spectators can watch the match at a time in this stadium. Moreover, the matches in which a big crowd is expected are not hosted at this venue because India has bigger stadiums with more seating capacity and facilities. Such as Narendra Modi Stadium is popular to host big finals. 

Sawai Mansingh Stadium Pitch Report

The pitch at Sawai Man Singh Stadium has seen favorable for batsmen. Therefore, defending the total has always been a challenge at this venue. The statistics from IPL 2023 support this argument. Moreover, batting dominance in this venue, where teams have found it difficult to set a target that can withstand the fierce onslaught of the chasing team. Therefore, the pitch of Swai Mansing Stadium creates an exciting and high-scoring environment and ensures thrilling competitions that keep fans on the edge of their seats.

IPL 2024 Upcoming Matches at Sawai Man Sing Stadium

We will update IPL 2024 Upcoming matches at Sawai Man Sing Stadium Jaipur here once BCCI finalized the IPL 2024 Schedule

Sawai Mansingh Stadium IPL Record and Stats

The Sawai Mansingh Stadium Jaipur is used and has been used for quality cricket for years. Therefore, below you can find the records and stats of matches played at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium venue.

IPL Matches Stadium Stats & Records
Total Match Played47
Avg. Score in batting first158
Batting First Won15
Batting Second Won32
Score Below 15015
Score between 150 and 16918
Score between 170 and 1898
Score Above 1906
Lowest ScoreMumbai Indians 92/10
Highest ScoreRajasthan Royals 197/1
Sawai Mansingh Stadium IPL Record and Stats


How can I reach Sawai Mansingh Stadium?

Sawai Mansingh Stadium is easily accessible by various means of transportation. The stadium is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, which is well-connected by air, rail, and road networks. Jaipur International Airport is the nearest airport, and the stadium is approximately a 20-minute drive from there. Additionally, local transport options such as taxis, auto-rickshaws, and buses are available for a convenient commute to the stadium.

Where is Sawai Mansingh Stadium located?

Sawai Mansingh Stadium is situated at one corner of Rambagh Circle in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Moreover, Sawai Mansing Stadium was established in 1969 and has been hosting international cricket matches in India since 1983.

Who is the owner of Sawai Mansingh Stadium?

Sawai Mansingh Stadium, based in Jaipur, is owned and managed by the Rajasthan State Sports Council. Moreover, this prestigious venue was named after Sawai Man Singh II, the former Maharaja of Jaipur, in recognition of his contributions to the state’s sporting legacy.

Is Jaipur’s Sawai Mansingh Stadium known for its batting-friendly pitch?

Yes, the pitch at Jaipur’s Sawai Mansingh Stadium is indeed known for being batting-friendly. In the IPL 2019 season, statistics reveal that out of the seven games played, the team bowling first emerged victorious in six instances. Therefore, this indicates the challenges faced by teams attempting to defend their total on this venue, making it a tough task.

Are there any parking facilities available at Sawai Mansingh Stadium?

Yes, Sawai Mansingh Stadium provides parking facilities to visitors. Moreover, many parking spaces are available at the stadium. Which ensures convenient parking for visitors. Therefore, we advise you to arrive early to secure a parking spot.


The stadium’s significance extends beyond its sporting prowess. As the home ground for the Rajasthan Royals (RR) in the IPL, it has become a hub of excitement and anticipation during the IPL seasons. Fans flock to the stadium with the hope to witness thrilling encounters between some of the world’s finest cricketers. Moreover, Sawai Mansingh Stadium stands as an iconic cricket venue in Jaipur, Rajasthan, with a rich history and a glorious legacy. 

Furthermore, With its batting-friendly pitch and seating capacity that creates an amazing opportunity for fans.  Sawai Mansingh Stadium offers an unparalleled experience for cricket enthusiasts. As we look forward to the IPL 2024 matches at Sawai Mansingh Stadium you will see another chapter to be added to its illustrious history. Therefore, It stands as a testament to the love and passion for the sport in the hearts of fans, players, and the people of Rajasthan. Hence, This article has discussed the  Sawai Mansingh Stadium, with its facts, and stats, the upcoming IPL 2024 matches.

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