IPL Cheerleaders 2024: Facts, Salary, News, Photos, and Cheerleaders Controversy

Explore the intriguing world of IPL cheerleaders 2024, their salaries, controversies, and more. Discover fascinating facts and captivating photos as we delve into the glamorous and often misunderstood realm of cheerleading in the Indian Premier League.


The Indian Premier League (IPL) has evolved into a mesmerizing and adored T20 cricket tournament, captivating fans across the globe. Year after year, its popularity continues to soar, captivating the hearts of cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Amidst the exhilarating matches and star-studded rosters, the presence of IPL cheerleaders adds an extra spark of excitement to the league. In this article, we will dive into the captivating realm of IPL 2024 cheerleaders, uncovering their roles, salaries, controversies, and the intriguing stories that lie beyond the glitz and glamour. In this article, we will discuss IPL Cheerleaders 2024, salary, and controversy.

IPL 2024 Cheerleaders:

As the IPL continues to charm fans, it is essential to address the controversies surrounding the league, including issues of harassment, match-fixing scandals, and the occasional revelation of unpleasant incidents involving cheerleaders. Let’s explore some frequently asked questions about IPL cheerleaders and unravel the mysteries surrounding these fascinating individuals.

Who Are IPL Cheerleaders and What Do They Do?

Have you ever noticed a group of spirited individuals celebrating exuberantly when a player hits a boundary in the IPL? These are the IPL cheerleaders. Each team in the league has its own set of cheerleaders, hired by the respective franchises to motivate players and entertain the team’s ardent supporters.

Purpose of Cheerleaders in IPL:

Cheerleaders play a crucial role in igniting inspiration and enthusiasm during IPL matches. With their vibrant presence on the field, they captivate the attention of viewers and uplift the spirits of the players. It’s important to recognize that although many IPL cheerleaders are foreign nationals, their ethnicity, and country of origin should not diminish their value. They are an essential component of the dynamic atmosphere that defines the IPL experience, contributing to its energy and excitement.

IPL Cheerleaders 2024 Salary:

Cheerleaders who perform in the IPL 2024 can expect to earn between 7000 and 14000 INR, depending on the team they are associated with. Each team has its own payment policies for cheerleaders. Additionally, when a team emerges victorious in a match, the cheerleaders of that team receive a bonus ranging from 4000 to 7000 INR, although this bonus structure may not be uniform across all IPL teams.

Furthermore, cheerleaders have the opportunity to earn an additional 8000 to 14000 INR for their appearances during the knockout stages of the tournament. Additionally, they can earn an extra 5000 INR for participating in photoshoots, which adds to their overall income and provides further avenues for showcasing their talent and personality.

Moreover, It is worth noting that these financial details are subject to change and may vary from season to season. The payment structure and opportunities for cheerleaders in the IPL continue to evolve as the league strives to provide an engaging and rewarding experience for both the players and the cheerleading squad.

IPL Cheerleaders names:

The names of cheerleaders are not disclosed alongside the official squad as they are sourced from various cheerleading organizations. This makes it challenging to obtain the names of every individual cheerleader performing in the IPL. To participate as a cheerleader in the IPL, individuals need to join cheerleading organizations that provide the required training and offer opportunities to perform in the league.

Moreover, By affiliating with these organizations, aspiring cheerleaders can receive the necessary guidance and preparation to showcase their skills in the IPL. Joining such organizations increases the likelihood of securing a chance to perform as a cheerleader during the IPL matches. Therefore, These organizations play a vital role in scouting, training, and coordinating the participation of cheerleaders in the league, contributing to the energetic atmosphere and entertainment value of the IPL.

List of Some Most Famous Cheer Girls in IPL:

  • Shannon Elizabeth
  • George W. Bush, Phillips Academy
  • Mitt Romney, Cranbrook School
  • Hilarie Burton, Park View High School
  • Paula Abdul, Los Angeles Lakers
  • Laura Vikmanis, Cincinnati Ben-Gals
  • Eva Longoria, Roy Miller High School
  • Stacy Keibler, Baltimore Ravens
  • Jennie Garth, Sunburst Middle School
  • Reese Witherspoon, Montgomery Bell Academy
  • Ali Landry
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Megyn Kelly
  • Kelly Ripa
  • Renée Zellweger, Katy High School
  • Rick Perry, Texas A&M University Yell Leader
  • Arielle Kebbel, Winter Park High School
  • Steve Martin
  • Blake Lively, Burbank High School
  • Phyllis Smith, actress on The Office (US version), St Louis Cardinals football
  • Charisma Carpenter, San Diego Chargers
  • Jill Belland, Calgary Stampeders
  • Kirsten Dunst
  • Madonna, Rochester Adams High School
  • Sandra Bullock, Washington-Lee High School
  • Laura Vikmanis, Cincinnati Ben-Gals – the Oldest cheerleader in the NFL
  • Brooke Hogan, Clearwater Central Catholic
  • Aaron Spelling, Southern Methodist University
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harvard
  • Mandy Moore, Pop Warner
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Paula Abdul, Los Angeles Lakers, Van Nuys High School
  • Cameron Diaz, Long Beach Polytechnic High School
  • Katie Couric University of Virginia
  • Jessica Simpson, Richardson North Junior High School
  • Jaime Espinal, the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamón
  • Karen McDougal, River Valley High School
  • Christina Aguilera, North Allegheny Intermediate High School
  • Jenilee Harrison, Los Angeles Rams

IPL All Teams Cheerleaders 2024:

Let us delve into the cheerleading squads of each IPL team in 2024, providing insights into their unique attributes, salaries, and annual earnings. Discover the vibrant world of these talented cheerleaders as they contribute to the electrifying atmosphere of IPL matches. Moreover, You will gain a deeper understanding of their individual identities, performances, and the financial rewards they receive for their dedication and captivating routines. Uncover the fascinating details that make each cheerleading squad a vital part of the IPL experience.

Cheerleaders of Sunrisers Hyderabad:

Sunrises Hyderabad Cheerleaders IPL

Kalanithi Maran, the owner of Sunrisers Hyderabad, leads the team under the prestigious Sun Group banner. While the team’s success in the IPL has been limited, with just one trophy in their history, their determination remains unwavering. The cheerleaders of Sunrisers Hyderabad add an extra dash of vibrancy to the matches, donning eye-catching light orange color kits that perfectly complement the team’s identity.

 With golden pom-poms in their hands, they exude energy and enthusiasm, igniting the atmosphere with their captivating performances. These talented cheerleaders are rewarded handsomely, earning a substantial 11,000 INR per match, resulting in an estimated annual income of approximately 2.80 lakhs. Their presence on the field adds to the excitement and spectacle of the IPL, enhancing the overall experience for fans and players alike.

Cheerleaders of Mumbai Indians:

MI IPL Cheerleaders

The Mumbai Indians (MI), the most successful team in IPL history with five championship victories, boast a dynamic and talented cheerleading squad. These cheerleaders, donning short blue and golden dresses, captivate the audience with their energetic performances. With earnings of 18,000 INR per match and an additional bonus of 7,500 INR for a victory, the cheerleaders of MI enjoy an annual income of approximately eight lakhs.

Cheerleaders of Delhi Capitals:

DC Cheerleaders IPL

The cheerleaders of the Delhi Capitals (DC) wear short white dresses with blue stripes, showcasing their dedication to entertaining the fans. While the team has yet to secure an IPL trophy, their cheerleaders strive to bring joy to DC supporters. Earning 10,700 INR per match, with a 7,500 INR bonus for a victory, the cheerleaders of DC earn an annual income of around five lakhs.

Cheerleaders of Royal Challengers Bangalore:

RCB Cheerleaders IPL

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) is known for its passionate fanbase and spirited cheerleading squad. Dressed in red and golden outfits, RCB cheerleaders contribute to the electrifying atmosphere of the Chinnaswamy Stadium. With earnings of 11,500 INR per match and an additional 7,500 INR bonus for a victory, the annual income of RCB cheerleaders amounts to around six lakhs.

Cheerleaders of Chennai Super Kings:

CSK Cheerleaders IPL

The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are renowned for their consistent performances and loyal fan following. The cheerleaders of CSK wear vibrant yellow and blue outfits, reflecting the team’s colors. With earnings of 10,000 INR per match and a 7,500 INR bonus for a victory, the annual income of CSK cheerleaders totals around five lakhs.

Cheerleaders of Punjab Kings:

IPL KXIP Cheerleaders

The cheerleaders of the Punjab Kings (PBKS) don eye-catching red and silver outfits that beautifully align with the team’s color scheme. For their energetic performances, these talented cheerleaders are rewarded with earnings of 10,000 INR per match. On top of that, they receive an enticing bonus of 7,500 INR for each victory, which significantly boosts their income. Over the course of a year, the cheerleaders of PBKS can accumulate an estimated annual income of around four lakhs. Their dedication and lively presence contribute to the vibrant atmosphere during PBKS matches, adding an extra dose of excitement for fans and players alike.

Cheerleaders of Kolkata Knight Riders:

KKR Cheerleaders IPL

The Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) rank among the top three IPL teams, and their cheerleaders receive higher compensation compared to other teams. Under the ownership of Shah Rukh Khan, a prominent figure in the Bollywood industry, the cheerleaders of KKR are held in high regard. Their earnings amount to INR 22,000 per match, with an additional bonus of INR 7,500. The estimated annual income of KKR cheerleaders stands at 13 lakhs. In IPL 2024, KKR cheerleaders can be seen wearing a combination of blue and golden-colored short dresses.

Cheerleaders of Rajasthan Royals:

Rajasthan Royals Cheerleaders IPL

The Rajasthan Royals (RR) cheerleading squad enhances the vibrant ambiance at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium, dressed in pink and blue attire. With earnings of 8,500 INR per match and an additional 6,500 INR bonus for a victory, the cheerleaders of RR earn an annual income of around four lakhs.

IPL Cheerleaders Gujarat Titans:

GT Cheerleaders IPL

The Gujarat Titans Cheerleaders are the epitome of energy and enthusiasm at the IPL 2024 matches. As the official cheerleading squad of the Gujarat Titans team, these talented performers elevate the excitement levels in the stadium with their captivating routines. Dressed in vibrant outfits, the cheerleaders showcase their synchronized dance moves and infectious spirit, keeping the crowd engaged and energized throughout the game.

Moreover, With their high-energy performances during timeouts and breaks, they create an electric atmosphere, motivating both the players and the spectators. The Gujarat Titans Cheerleaders are an integral part of the IPL experience, adding a touch of glamour and entertainment that enhances the overall enjoyment of the matches.

IPL Cheerleaders of Lucknow Super Giants:

LSG Cheerleaders IPL

Lucknow Super Giants Cheerleaders bring energy and excitement to the cricket stadium with their captivating performances. As the official cheerleading squad of the Lucknow Super Giants team, these talented individuals showcase their skills and enthusiasm, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the game. With their synchronized dance routines, vibrant costumes, and infectious spirit, the cheerleaders create a lively atmosphere that uplifts the players and engages the crowd.

Therefore, Their dynamic performances during timeouts and breaks keep the audience entertained and contribute to the overall electrifying ambiance of the match. The Lucknow Super Giants Cheerleaders embody the team’s spirit and serve as an important element in creating an unforgettable experience for cricket fans.

IPL Cheerleaders Controversy

There is immense curiosity surrounding the lifestyle of cheerleaders, and many IPL fans are particularly intrigued by them. Witnessing the splendid performances of cheerleaders in the IPL, fans often associate them with a glamorous and lavish way of life. However, there have been instances where certain secrets from the world of cheerleading have been leaked, revealing some surprising revelations that we are about to delve into.

Moreover, Behind the enchanting facade of their on-field performances, cheerleaders have shared intriguing insights that shed light on their profession. These leaked secrets offer a glimpse into a different side of their lives, one that is not always as glamorous as it appears. By exploring these revelations, we can gain a better understanding of the realities and challenges faced by cheerleaders in their pursuit of captivating audiences during IPL matches.

Racism | IPL 2024 Cheerleaders:

It has been observed by many that all the cheerleaders in the IPL are foreigners, raising questions about the selection process and the underlying issue of racism. It is disheartening to note that organizers seemingly prefer white girls, while deliberately excluding black girls from their cheerleading squads. Moreover, it has been observed that Asian girls are discouraged from wearing tight outfits. This discriminatory approach deprives many talented Indian individuals of the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents.

Such biases are rooted in a flawed belief system that promotes the notion of white superiority and suggests that white people possess better dancing abilities compared to individuals of other races. This perception is not only inaccurate but also perpetuates harmful stereotypes. It is dismaying to see that people are still being judged based on their skin color and nationality, disregarding their inherent talent and potential.

Therefore, Efforts should be made to eliminate these discriminatory practices and promote inclusivity in the selection process. Talent and skills should be the sole criteria for selecting cheerleaders, irrespective of their race, color, or nationality. It is imperative that fair and unbiased opportunities are provided to individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute their talents to the IPL and challenge these regressive perceptions.

IPL 2024 Cheerleaders Affiliation with Bollywood:

When fans witness the captivating dance performances and mesmerizing moves of cheerleaders during IPL matches, it’s not uncommon for some spectators to become so engrossed in their routines that they momentarily forget about the ongoing game. Moreover, many fans may experience a sense of déjà vu, feeling as though they have seen these talented individuals elsewhere. As we previously mentioned, cheerleaders are recruited for the IPL through agencies, which also provide dance performers for Bollywood.

Therefore, Numerous cheerleaders have openly admitted to working in the Bollywood industry as background dancers. They have affirmed that their involvement in Bollywood has not only granted them exposure but has also allowed them to expand their repertoire of Hindi dance moves. Through their experiences in the realm of Bollywood, these cheerleaders have acquired new skills and techniques that they now showcase in their electrifying performances during the IPL. The intersection between the IPL and Bollywood creates an exciting synergy, enhancing the entertainment value for fans and providing cheerleaders with unique professional opportunities.

Payment Issues:

There is a common perception that cheerleaders receive generous compensation for their performances and enjoy a lifestyle beyond the means of the average person. However, the reality of cheerleaders’ lives, particularly during live IPL events, may not align with these assumptions. Startling revelations have been made by two Ukrainian cheerleaders who were employed by the RR team, shedding light on the challenges they faced.

Moreover, These cheerleaders disclosed that they did not receive adequate support items or quality food, and they expressed grievances regarding delayed payments. Additionally, they revealed that the accommodations provided to them during their IPL stay were far from satisfactory. They were allocated one-star hotels that lacked basic facilities and were unclean, leaving them in substandard living conditions.

Furthermore, These revelations expose the disparity between the perceived glamorous lifestyle of cheerleaders and the harsh realities they may encounter behind the scenes. Such firsthand accounts provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by cheerleaders and underscore the need for improved support and fair treatment within the industry.

After-parties Controversy:

The IPL has long been a source of enjoyment and amusement for cricket enthusiasts and players alike. To ensure that players remain rejuvenated and maintain consistent performance levels amidst the high-pressure games, franchises have taken the initiative to organize gatherings and after-parties.

These events were intended to provide a relaxed atmosphere for the players. However, it is disconcerting to note that some players have taken to consuming alcohol excessively during these gatherings. Furthermore, reports of discussions related to match-fixing have emerged, raising serious concerns about the integrity of the sport. Additionally, it has come to light that certain players have been involved in ramp walks alongside models, further blurring the lines between professional conduct and personal pursuits.

A well-known cheerleader by the name of Gabriella Pasqualotto has come forward with allegations of misconduct by some South African and Australian players during these after-parties. She has expressed her dismay at the inappropriate behavior displayed by these individuals after consuming alcohol.

It is crucial that measures are implemented to maintain the sanctity of the sport and promote responsible behavior among players. The IPL and its associated franchises should strive to create an environment where professionalism and ethical conduct are upheld, ensuring that the focus remains on the game and fair competition.

Exploitation | IPL 2024 Cheerleaders:

One disheartening revelation from a cheerleader sheds light on the lack of respectful treatment they receive from organizations. Shockingly, they shared their experiences of being subjected to derogatory and immoral language, with some individuals in India labeling them as prostitutes. This demeaning treatment is a grave concern, highlighting the need for better standards and respect for these performers.

Additionally, it has come to light that cheerleaders often face inadequate safety measures. Regrettably, incidents of harassment have been reported during tournaments, further emphasizing the urgent need for enhanced protection and security protocols to ensure a safe environment for all participants.

Furthermore, cheerleaders have voiced their dissatisfaction with the uniforms provided to them. They have expressed discomfort and concerns about the insufficient design of their attire, which hampers their ability to perform optimally. This highlights the importance of considering the well-being and comfort of cheerleaders, who play an integral role in enhancing the spectator experience during IPL matches. Efforts should be made to address these concerns and provide them with suitable attire that enables them to perform at their best while ensuring their comfort and confidence.


How Are IPL Cheerleaders Selected?

The selection process for IPL cheerleaders involves auditions conducted by the franchise owners and management. These auditions provide aspiring cheerleaders with a platform to showcase their skills in dance, gymnastics, and overall performance. After careful evaluation, the franchises choose the candidates who best embody the spirit of the team.

What Skills Do IPL Cheerleaders Possess?

IPL cheerleaders are accomplished dancers, often proficient in various dance forms such as hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and Bollywood. Alongside dancing abilities, they possess exceptional athleticism, acrobatic skills, and showmanship. These qualities enable them to captivate the audience with their breathtaking performances.

Do IPL Cheerleaders Travel with the Teams?

Yes, IPL cheerleaders travel with their respective teams throughout the tournament. They accompany the players to different venues, ensuring their support and encouragement resonate across all matches.

Have There Been Any Controversies Involving IPL Cheerleaders?

Like any high-profile event, the IPL has had its share of controversies involving cheerleaders. Instances of alleged harassment and exploitation have tarnished the cheerleading experience for some individuals. However, it is important to note that these incidents do not reflect the experiences of all IPL cheerleaders, as many individuals have enjoyed fulfilling careers and positive experiences.

How Do IPL Cheerleaders Contribute to the Game?

IPL cheerleaders play a crucial role in enhancing the overall match experience for players and fans alike. Their energetic performances uplift the atmosphere, inspiring players to perform their best and entertaining the spectators during breaks and intervals. They also promote team spirit and create a sense of unity among supporters.

Are There Opportunities for Indian Nationals to Become IPL Cheerleaders?

While the majority of IPL cheerleaders are international performers, there have been instances where Indian nationals have secured positions as cheerleaders. As the league continues to evolve, there is a growing emphasis on providing opportunities for Indian talent to participate in the cheerleading experience.

Celebrating the Vibrant World of IPL Cheerleaders

The Indian Premier League (IPL) cheerleaders contribute significantly to the league’s spectacle, infusing energy, enthusiasm, and entertainment into each match. Despite occasional controversies, their dedication and talent continue to inspire both players and fans alike. Moreover,  As the IPL evolves and embraces new seasons, the cheerleaders will undoubtedly remain an integral part of the league, enriching the cricketing experience with their captivating performances. IPL Cheerleaders play an important role to charge the crowd. Therefore, This article has discussed the IPL 2024 Cheerleaders Salary, purpose, Cheerleaders Controversy, Famous IPL Cheerleaders, 

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